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"Never has a new Prince disarmed his subjects. Often, Instead, he has armed them. By arming them he appropriates their force — they are on his side. Those who you arm become your faithful armed subjects and overcome your partisans since you can’t arm them all you subject those you don't arm to those you do arm. The discrimination obliges those that you favor to support you. The others excuse you because they respect those who take the risk and the duty. You offend those whom you disarm. They feel a loss of your faith in them either from cowardice or distrust. Suspicion of either increases their hatred. Because you must be armed you have to turn to mercenaries, which are untrustworthy, as I said above. Even if they are reliable, they are not strong enough to defend you against strong enemies or suspect subjects. Therefore, as I said, a new Prince always sets up an army. History supplies many examples. When a Prince adds a new member to his old state, however, he should disarm the new state, unless they were allies before being incorporated. Even these with time and opportunity should be neutralized. The arms should be restricted to one's own soldiers in that part of the old state that is close to you."
Author: Niccolò Machiavelli     Topic: Gun Rights Quotes
Source: Excerpt from Niccolo Machiavelli's book, The Prince, Chapter 20
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