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Edwin Percy Whipple

Author: Edwin Percy Whipple Country: United States
Birth Date: 1819-03-08 Death Date: 1886-06-16
Edwin Percy Whipple was born in Gloucester, Massachusetts in 1819. For a time, he was the main literary critic for Philadelphia-based Graham's Magazine. Later, in 1848, he became the Boston correspondent to the Literary World under Evert Augustus Duyckinck and George Long Duyckinck. Historian Perry Miller called Whipple "Boston's most popular critic."
Whipple was a close friend of Nathaniel Hawthorne. After Hawthorne's death in 1864, Whipple served as a pallbearer for his funeral alongside Bronson Alcott, Ralph Waldo Emerson, James Thomas Fields, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr., and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Whipple's close relationship with other Boston-area authors occasionally tinted his reviews. Edward Emerson later noted, "No other member of the Saturday Club has ever been more loyally felicitous in characterizing the literary work of his associates."
Whipple died in 1886 and was interred at Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
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"Patriotism, to the patriot hero, does not consist in aiding the government of his country in every base or stupid act it may perform, but rather in paralyzing its power when it violates vested rights, affronts instituted justice, and assumes undelegated authority."

Source: 'Character and Characteristic Men,' 1866 ( pg. 114 in 1877 edition)
Topic: Patriotism Quotes
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